The sparkle in the detail


We love this time of year. The fireworks season is an assault on the senses. Suddenly it’s dark much earlier in the evening, there’s smoke in the air, shocks of sparks over the rooftops, and heart-stopping explosions. Exciting stuff.

With a name like Colourful, there’s sometimes an assumption that everything we do might be loud and bright. But when it comes to branding, while there might be a temptation to focus on a t’dah moment or a big reveal, we know that what actually makes a difference is in the carefully planned detail.

The way people experience a brand day to day in every little interaction is what really matters. The unique tone of voice, the crafted feel of a publication, the delightfully simple digital experience, the unexpected or thoughtful touches that demonstrate a real understanding of the customer; it’s in all of these that the important dramas unfold and the brand values come to life.

Whatever sector you’re in, the behaviour of your people at all levels is by far the most significant way to build a compelling brand. Nevermind the logo, the colour palette or the font for a minute. The people in an organisation need to understand the purpose of the brand and want to deliver it. It’s the authentic details that make a brand sparkle.