‘Tis the season to be making. It’s so much more fun than consuming.


Colourful is a kitchen table operation. Our quiet home-office environment enables us to think rigorously and explore creatively, with plenty of coffee and very little distraction. After all, clients want to pay for what’s in our heads, not our overheads.

But working in the kitchen does make for some interesting comparisons. We have a family, and I love to bake. It’s rewarding to create something out of nothing, bringing people together, and making special occasions happen. Yes, I believe passionately in the power of design which is why I do what I do in my job. But more than that, I believe in everyday creativity and making. And cake.

All create value and meaningful social interactions. So whether it’s a brand strategy or a bake sale at the school, I’m first in the queue to roll up my sleeves. Yes, I really made them (but won’t give up the day job quite yet). Happy Christmas from all of us at Colourful, and happy making! It’s so much more fun than consuming.