Spreading the word with the DBA Effectiveness Awards


Now, I’m passionate about design, almost evangelical. But not everyone has seen the light, so the best way of communicating the true value of design is by measuring its effectiveness. The DBA’s Design Effectiveness Awards are the only design awards that use commercial data as a key judging criteria. Carefully prepared case studies must present evidence that design projects have been instrumental in achieving business objectives. It’s a hugely worthwhile exercise – for government, for industry, and for designers – to all reflect on the impact design projects have had after the creative process has finished. (If it has finished that is, ideally it continues and has an even greater cumulative effect.)

Preparing an entry is a time-consuming exercise involving client participation, research, number-crunching, and good storytelling. This year, I helped Designers Anonymous to make the case for their branding of start-up popcorn success Joe & Seph’s. As a design strategist, I work with the designers to help describe the insights and the clever details that went into the work, and present it all in the business context. Joe & Seph’s is an inspirational story. And it’s great to see the designers getting recognition for their part in it. Download the case study here.