A ten point philosophy for creative branding practitioners


This year, alongside my consulting work, I am teaching at The Cass, London Metropolitan University. My mission is to help visual designers underpin what they do with just the right amount of insight and strategy – not too much, not too little! This has prompted me to define a ten point philosophy for creative branding practitioners; a wish list of ingredients that will help make the outputs successful. Here’s how it goes:

1    Know the problem you’re trying to solve.

2    Design is for people. Understand people.

3    Ask questions. Notice details.

4    Make lots. Edit lots.

5    Discovery can be found in the accidental.

6    Work with people who are different to you.

7    Conversations lead to better ideas.

8    Words are pictures. Pictures are messages.

9    Simple isn’t easy.

10  Make it meaningful. Make it beautiful.

Find out more about the studio and The Cass here.