Successful Design Effectiveness Award entries 2017


This year, I helped two creative agencies with their DBA Design Effectiveness award entries. And I am pleased to report that both award entries have been successful.

The task involves working as part of the agency and client team to research and write an in-depth case study demonstrating evidence of business success driven by design. As a design writer, educator and  advocate, it’s something I do alongside my consulting work because its always fascinating, and always very worthwhile for the agency and the broader industry.

I was delighted to work with consumer branding agency Family (and Friends) to tell the story of a brand-led business turnaround for client Seed and Bean Chocolate. In this case it was important to tell the environmental and social story as well as the significant increase in sales.

The strategic consultancy Brand Ethos contacted me to support them in pulling together the case for its client Brunel University London. Here the challenge was to show how a design strategy inspired a raft of activity which improved student recruitment.

We will wait until the awards ceremony in 2017 to find out the level of each award, but along with the judges, I was hugely impressed by each project. Well done Family (and Friends) and Brand Ethos. Well deserved!

See the full list of winners on the DBA website here.