How animals are used to build brand personality


This week, Design Week asked me to comment on how animals can be used in branding. Here’s what I said:

“Animals have always been successful in branding because they are memorable and full of personality at the same time – a powerful combination. The downside is that it’s easy to fall into obvious symbolism and cliché. But on the whole, I think it can be a smart move in an age when branding is more about avatars and campaigns than logos.

I’m interested in particularly service brands that use animals, not so much as graphical devices, but as tangible expressions of personality. Think of the meerkats, the PG Tips monkey, and even the seasonal characters invented by John Lewis at this time each year. My favourite is O2’s Be More Dog campaign that ran for two years from 2013. It’s well thought out, avoids cliché, and really had legs.”


For a wider discussion around animals in logos and branding, see the whole article on the Design Week website here.