Introducing our training sessions – Wake Up Workshops


Colourful is very excited to have launched the Wake Up Workshops, in collaboration with UX designer Sara Watkins and graphic designer Matt Burke. We see it as a cross between training and consultancy. The workshops bring small groups of small business owners together with a consultant for a day to explore how they can best use branding and design. Through practical sessions, we provide them with the structure and guidance to start expressing themselves competitively.

Emily Penny runs the Wake Up to Branding sessions, designed to help small businesses work out what they stand for and lay the foundations of their brand. The workshop uncovers processes that can be used to identify brand values, generate a brand name, and develop an elevator pitch.

“I took away a lot from it. Very useful to explore my values and I now have a much clearer idea of what my business can stand for.”

Business owner

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