AerFin: recycling on a global scale

Maintenance of aircraft is important. For safety of course, but also for sustainability. By keeping aircraft in operation longer, it reduces the need for costly disposal. And through maintaining aircraft with the latest components, efficiency can be increased.

I was approached by design agency Lime Green Tangerine to write the script for a short video setting out the engineering firm AerFin’s mission in sustainability. This was created as an inspirational piece for clients, partners and staff alike. It was a departure in how the firm usually communicates and an open brief to bring the unsung core purpose of its work to life in a create way.

To write the script, I interviewed the management team to understand their message and then worked closely with the design team to create an easy to watch, poetic piece capturing the core ideas.

See the full video here:

Making Aviation More Sustainable from AerFin Ltd on Vimeo.