People’s Trust for Endangered Species: Activating wildlife-lovers


Many people don’t realise that one in ten British species faces extinction, and that hedgehogs and dormice could soon be gone for good. With its tens of thousands of volunteers across the UK, People’s Trust for Endangered Species monitors these species and takes action to protect them. Emily Penny and Phillip Southgate were brought on board to help the charity develop a friendlier and more recognisable brand, particularly thinking about its non-scientific community of supporters. It was critical for the organisation to increase awareness, supporter engagement, and fundraising.

At the heart of the creative concept is the new strap-line ‘Bringing the wild back to life’ which is dramatised through illustrations by Colourful associate Hayley Cove. Wildlife charities tend to use lots of photography but we wanted the brand to stand out. We also wanted to tap into the sentiment attached to species like hedgehogs. Our approach suggests colour draining from or re-entering the environment, and the core look is very British, differentiating it from the international conservation charities.

The charity needed a visual language and tone of voice that would work for editorial content and fundraising campaigns. We used colour to hold the word ‘endangered’ in the logo, highlighting the cause. This shape is then re-purposed as a flash in campaigns to remind audiences of all the species at risk. To get people excited about the difference they can make, we developed confident and optimistic tone of voice guidelines with collaborator Reed Words. A toolkit of illustrative elements and graphic devices was created to work across a range of publications and event materials.

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“Colourful has helped us really articulate who we are through the renewed brand identity and we are confident that our supporters will love it.”

Jill Nelson, Chief Executive at PTES

Brand planning and design management: Emily Penny
Creative lead: Phillip Southgate
Illustration: Hayley Cove
Copywriting and tone of voice guidelines: Reed Words