St John’s Smith Square: Rediscovering a cultural gem

SJSS_3St John’s is an ornate baroque church designed and built by Thomas Archer some 300 years ago. Tucked away in Smith Square, midway between Tate Britain and Westminster Abbey in the heart of London, it has an exceptional acoustic and has presented some of the finest classical choirs, chamber orchestras and period instrument groups.

While St John’s has a loyal following of local concert-goers, it saw an opportunity for the venue to become more widely known and loved. Emily has been working with designers Phillip Southgate and Andy Hussey to create a new strapline, message platform and visual language.

At the heart of the project is the idea of “discovery”, which is intended to drive a new phase of awareness. Rooted in the eighteenth century grand tour and the discovery of cultural treasures, the concept embraces the curation of exciting performance programmes and a commitment to telling the story of St John’s heritage and architecture. The strapline “Discover a musical landmark” will be used across communications and the brand platform will inspire activities and behaviours across environment, customer service and communications. A new visual language borrows motifs from the architecture to form patterns and provides a flexible graphic tool kit that can adapt and evolve with the seasons.


“This new suite of branding materials perfectly reflects our core values; to be a relevant, lively and respected centre of excellence for informed musical performance whilst preserving the integrity and vision of our eighteenth century roots.”

Client, St John’s Smith Square

See the full brochure on Issuu here.

Creative directors: Phillip Southgate (Phillip Southgate Graphic Design) and Andy Hussey (Lost & Found) Designer: Caroline Green
Brand consultant: Emily Penny (Colourful Design Strategy)
Copywriter: Richard Owsley (Writers)