Toot the Tiny Tugboat: Helping a young brand set sail

Toot Logo RGB 780

Lupus Films has created the charming new animated series Toot the Tiny Tugboat. Adapted from the book Toot and Pop! by Sebastien Braun, the series is aimed at three to six-year-olds and will be broadcast by Channel 5 in the autumn.

A central vision is essential in guiding the translation of any series or book into successful merchandise and licensed applications, and we were delighted to be asked to work in collaboration with Lupus to develop a brand platform. Our process identified what’s special and different about Toot, and helped the team think about the market and how Toot could compete as a brand with its own distinctive ethos.

While there was clearly an opportunity to build on the proven ‘vehicle in a world’ category, Toot’s playful personality and nautical theme could make it stand out, and appeal to both kids and parents alike. The core branding combines the energy of the central character with a nostalgic seaside look that lends itself to applications across toys, clothing and gift products. The branding will be used on the TV titles, marketing materials and packaging.

Ruth Fielding, the producer for Lupus Films, says “We’re sure the humour and excitement in Toot the Tiny Tugboat will capture the imagination of the Milkshake! audience and we can’t wait to set sail with the series.”

Brand planning: Emily Penny
Art direction: Katie Steel, Supafrank
Graphic design: Chloe Robertson